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About Me

From the day my grandfather sat me down at the age of ten and showed me how to improve the design of his pacemaker, I have known I wanted to work in medical devices. I saw at a young age the need to create inventions to improve people's quality of life. With an engineering degree from NC State and a Master's in Biomedical Innovation and Development from Georgia Tech, I have been working at Microcopy Dental for almost 3 years as the Senior Innovation Engineer. In starting Dentalvation, I am seeking to create a bridge between dental professionals and manufacturers. Speaking as an entrepreneur myself with two start-up medical device projects, I know pitching your idea can be terrifying. That is why Dentalvation offers a safe haven where you can share your ideas.


The picture is of me pitching my own innovation to a team of urologists. It is scary sharing your idea, but worth the shot!

For more information or questions, feel free to email me at dentalvation@microcopydental.com

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