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1. Idea

It all starts with a frustration, pain point, or need that is not being addressed by any products in dentistry. Maybe you have a way to make dentistry safer or simpler? Maybe you have an idea for a new dental device and don't know where to go next?


2. Contact Request

Submit a contact request for a new idea or a voice of customer form for an improvement to one of Microcopy's current products. Do not submit any confidential information.



3. Non-Disclosure Agreement

If your pain point is something we are interested in pursuing and learning more about, we will email you a mutual non-disclosure agreement for you to sign. Your idea is YOURS. The information after this point will remain confidential.


4. Invention Form

Complete the invention form. We will review your idea and respond whether or not we chose to move forward based on fit and novelty of the idea. Royalties will be negotiated in your idea is patentable.

Don't have an idea, but still want to be involved? Sign up to become an evaluator to try new products coming down the pipeline.

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