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Microcopy has a well-developed innovation process (MIPS) that allows us to receive, review, design, prototype, and patent ideas. These innovations are then quickly evaluated by key opinion leaders in a way that is financially rewarding for us and the inventor. Our system is highly focused, weeding out products that don't fit with our core business of the four S's (safe, simple, sample-able, single-patient-use), and keeping products that truly solve an unmet need in the dental field.

Intellectual Property

If you've ever tried to file for a patent, you know lawyer fees are not cheap. Most patents are $10,000+ and that does not even include the international market. Furthermore, you want the best of the best lawyers when it comes to filing a patent for your idea and being able to protect it. That is why, when you partner with Dentalvation, we take care of the lawyer fees and the patent is owned by Microcopy Dental, but royalties are negotiated and provided to you, the inventor.



Bring your idea, drawing, prototype, product to us and we'll do the rest. We have a team of experienced engineers that can develop your idea into a device for mass manufacturing. Their focus is to first ensure the correct unmet need is identified, and then build a tool to solve the problem.


Our team of marketing personnel is highly qualified. Your idea will have the backing of the same people that have branded award winning products for Microcopy in the past. You may have heard of NeoDiamond, America’s highest rated, single-patient use diamond. That product started from a family business and solely used marketing to drive the product to the business it is today.



All dental innovations fall under the FDA's regulations for Medical Devices; therefore, there is a lengthy list of requirements for any device sold. Do you have a quality system? What class is your product? We deal with the FDA and foreign regulatory bodies on a daily basis, so leave the hard questions to us.

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